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Exciting news! MONDAINE has just launched a brand-new creative platform that will inspire and empower us all to express and celebrate our individuality. So, if you're looking for a watch that's as unique as you are, look no further than MONDAINE. 

Building a stronger community

At MONDAINE, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to express themselves in their own iconic way. We are thrilled to launch our new creative platform, which not only empowers us and you to be more bold, aspiring, and timeless, but also fosters a sense of community and belonging. We want you to feel part of something bigger, and this platform is a way for us to come together, celebrate our individuality, and build something truly iconic. Our new slogan, "AS ICONIC AS YOU" perfectly embodies this spirit and what sets MONDAINE apart from other watch brands. With vivid and bright colours, we're visually reinforcing this celebration of individuality and boldness. It is more than just a slogan - it's a mindset, an attitude, and a way of living.

Without doubt there is one word that links all of us, and that word is ICONIC. ICONIC design, ICONIC heritage, ICONIC moments, ICONIC gestures, ICONIC actions when it comes to sustainability, ICONIC people. We, at MONDAINE, believe that we belong together because we are all AS ICONIC AS YOU.

Watch the Manifesto HERE.

Staying true to our DNA

Our bold yet elegant and understated design contains over 70 years’ worth of heritage and is rooted in the official Swiss Railways Station clock. Since then, the iconic dial has transformed into one of the most beloved wristwatches and clocks all over the globe. Mondaine watches are not only stylish, but they also posses a subtle charm that sets them apart from other brands. With clean lines, bold typography, and distinctive red accents, these watches are the epitome of modern elegance. And because they're so well-crafted, they never go out of style. Their clean and uncluttered design is instantly recognizable and makes a statement without being ostentatious. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit or occasion, whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual. Our Swiss heritage is at the heart of everything we do, and it shows in our traditional approach to watchmaking. We're passionate about craftsmanship, design, and sustainability, and it's reflected in every timepiece we create.

At MONDAINE we care

One of the reasons we are proud of MONDAINE is our commitment to sustainability. All of our watches are designed to last, with durable materials and precision engineering. As a family-owned Swiss SME, we have been actively caring for the environment by taking many innovative steps for almost 50 years. “The WE CARE mission means that we assume social and ecological responsibility with a corporate culture that encourages our consumers, trading partners and employees to act sustainably. For decades, we have consistently maintained a responsible use of resources, searched for eco-friendly solutions and alternative materials. With our successful track record, we continuously reduce our ecological footprint, step by step. We would like other watch companies to follow our example to support the next generations”, says André Bernheim, Co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Environmental Officer of the Group.

MONDAINE is and remains an icon in pioneering the watch industry towards sustainability. Since 2020, we are one of the world’s first comprehensively carbon-neutral watch brands and companies (scopes 1, 2, and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol) thanks to our efforts over the past decades following the 3R Rules: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

In addition, we produce watches with green energy, up to 80% of which is derived from our own photovoltaic solar power system. As part of this commitment, all our watch collections are now available with sustainable vegan straps made of textiles from recycled plastic bottles, cork, cotton, and grape leather.


If your goal is to be as sustainable as possible, it's true that no watch (or phone) is the best choice. However, if you do decide to purchase a watch, choosing a MONDAINE watch can still align with your sustainability values. We are a brand that prioritizes environmental responsibility and sustainability. By choosing a MONDAINE watch, you are supporting a company that shares your values and is actively working towards a more sustainable future. In addition, a MONDAINE watch is a timeless and stylish accessory that you can wear for years to come, making it a more sustainable option than a trendy, fast-fashion watch that you may only wear a few times before discarding. In addition, all our watches come with quick release straps which allow you to easily switch out the straps. This contributes to a more sustainable approach to fashion. Rather than buying a new watch, you can simply update the look of your current one with a new strap, reducing the amount of waste. So, while buying a watch might not always align with the goal of being as sustainable as possible, choosing a MONDAINE watch can still be a responsible and conscious choice that reflects you.

We're excited to build a stronger community and to continue inspiring each other to be iconic in everything we do. At MONDAINE, we know our mission, that the watches we design are not only durable, but also sustainable because we care for the planet and the generations to come. 

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