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Bianca Paraschiv

Hi! I’m Bianca, and I live in Switzerland! On weekdays, I'm a passionate marketer, and on weekends, I'm an enthusiastic explorer. I love culture, art and travel, and spending good quality time with my loved ones.


Balancing work and life.

Balancing my role within the marketing team of a company involves translating business concepts into creative and people-oriented campaigns. In addition to managing projects, budgets, and operations, we have the opportunity to run exceptional campaigns and launch innovative products alongside a fantastic and inspiring team.

My passion for art, culture, and quality time constantly shapes my way of life, making me a better person at work and among family and friends. Having access to a world of information through art and books opens up a realm of emotions, experiences, and new perspectives on life and work. This expansive journey extends beyond physical boundaries, enriching both my personal life and my professional growth, and ultimately supporting in achieving work-life balance. 

"Living in my dream country, which aligns with my life vision and calm spirit while also safeguarding my emotions, is truly a blessing and the foremost reason for my gratitude each day."

– Bianca

Navigating projects, deadlines, self-care, planning, learning, etc.

While I'm accustomed to handling multiple tasks, I recognize the importance of slowing down. I make sure to take breaks, especially on weekends, to focus on self-care and recharge. Despite a hectic schedule packed with work, meetings, errands, and personal commitments, I find joy in simple pleasures like getting a good night's sleep, reading books, trying out new cooking recipes, and cherishing moments of solitude.


What makes you proud to wear a MONDAINE watch?

Wearing a MONDAINE watch fills me with pride. It's a timeless classic that complements any outfit and occasion, whether I'm attending a family event in an elegant dress or getting ready for a job interview in a white shirt. My evo2 watch combines femininity, timeless elegance, strength and grace in one’s authentic selfexpression. This unique and iconic watch, my perfect everyday accessory, holds meaningful stories and memories, serving as a living archive that recalls my most cherished moments. It's remarkable how one watch can capture the atmosphere of precious memories and create a lasting impact, transporting me back to those special moments every time I wear it.

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