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Cushion Collection

Just in

Cushion collection

We are introducing the brand new Cushion Collection!

The collection includes watches in two different sizes, 31mm and 41mm watch cases, following the official Swiss railway station design and featuring our iconic red second hand. The larger size also includes a chronograph feature, while still preserving a seamless clean and simple aesthetic. The collection is inspired by vintage design with a timeless cushion shape that pays homage to the brand’s history and heritage. This is a collection outside of the circular norm, yet another iconic addition to MONDAINE. The organically shaped Cushion Case brings a modern elegance to both dial and case design. There is a fluidity and non-conformity that makes them eternally adaptable while transcending dress codes, from casual to elegant and then back to sporty.


Elegance. Masculinity. Comfort.

Grand Cushion

The Grand Cushion has a 41mm stainless steel case. The dial’s seamlessly integrated date display and chronograph allow the wearer to track the date and measure elapsed time with precision while respecting the design’s minimalistic nature. The Grand Cushion comes in three colour dials: white, deep ocean blue, and forest green. The classic white dial is paired with a black strap made from the innovative vegan grape leather. The deep ocean blue and forest green dials come with a textile strap made from recycled plastic bottles in matching blue and green, respectively and feature Super-LumiNova® white hands which allow the time to be read in the dark. 

Organic Shapes Meet Femininity

Petite Cushion

The Petite Cushion was designed with women in mind, the perfect 31mm size sits elegantly on smaller wrists. The polished stainless-steel case has a white dial, and it is available with three distinct straps: black vegan grape leather, red vegan grape leather, and a high-quality Milanese mesh stainless steel strap. Our vegan grape leather is based on organic waste of wine production: everything which cannot be used at the end of the wine-making process – namely the grape marc consisting of the stems, seeds and skins – is used to make grape leather - genuine upcycling.


Our manifesto

As iconic

As you

At MONDAINE, we believe that everyone is

unique and deserves to express themselves

in their own iconic way.