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What makes MONDAINE’S stop2go watch so unique?

What makes MONDAINE’S stop2go watch so unique?

Capturing the essence of the iconic Swiss Railways clock
The Swiss watchmaking tradition has been synonymous with precision, craftsmanship, and timeless design for centuries. MONDAINE’s stop2go collection showcases watches that are not only Swiss Made but also delve into the fascinating history of Swiss Railways. The unique timepieces feature both the design and movement that resemble that of the iconic Swiss Railways clocks. The new bold and crownless design of our latest stop2go watches now mirror this original design like never before. 

The extraordinary stop2go movement
The stop2go movement in MONDAINE watches is a remarkable feat of engineering. Just like the Swiss Railways Station clocks, the second hand on these watches makes a full circle in 58 seconds but then pauses for 2 seconds at 12 o'clock. This pause is a nod to the original Master Clock's synchronization process, allowing all railway clocks across Switzerland to perfectly align every minute. This impeccable precision not only ensured punctuality but also contributed to Switzerland's reputation for unrivalled timekeeping and precision.

From station to wrist: a timeless design
The iconic design of the Swiss Railways Station clock was created in 1944 by Hans Hilfiker, an employee of the Swiss Federal Railways. The large, clear indexes and bold hands made it easy to tell the time at-a-glance, which was essential for train passengers and station personnel. In 1986, MONDAINE launched the first wristwatch collection, interpreting and evolving this design since then with new materials, colours and sizes.

Seizing the Moment with stop2go
The stop2go collection is more than just a watch; it's an opportunity to pause and reflect. As the second hand waits for 2 seconds at 12 o'clock, it reminds us to take a moment to focus on the present, our dreams, goals, and relationships. It shows us that despite the world around us never seeming to stand still, we can always stop and reset.

In conclusion, the MONDAINE stop2go watch collection embodies the essence of Swiss watchmaking with its exceptional stop2go movement and pays homage to the rich history of Swiss Railways. It's a true Swiss icon, blending precision, style, and tradition seamlessly. When you wear a Mondaine stop2go watch, you carry a piece of Swiss history on your wrist, reminding you to pause and cherish the present—a watch that's not just about keeping time, but about celebrating the moments that truly matter.

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